Zoey is a character that appears in the Pokémon Tales franchise, debuting in Pokémon Tales: Dawn. She appears as a rival character for Dawn Berlitz.


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Zoey is a teenage girl with vermillion hair coming over as well. She has dark red eyes, and wears a maroon shirt, orange vest, blue jeans, sunglasses and a pink Pokétch on her wrist.

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Zoey is a tomboy and highly confident in her skills. She is encouraging to all of her rivals, like to Dawn who wanted to give up her contest career after one loss. She doesn't see Dawn's social status as important, but her personality and battle skills.

At first, she was against the idea of trainers competing in both contests and gym battles, calling them indecisive and insulting dedicated trainers. However, after experiencing trainers that are powerful and good at both, she has become more accepting of them.

Pokémon Edit

Misdreavous → Mismagius
Shellos → Gastrodon
Finneon → Lumineon
Eevee → Glaceon
Kirlia → Gallade

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  • Zoey is the same age as Dawn. She was 13 on her debut.