Body Type Ceratosaurus
Abilities Auto Destroy
Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner None
First Game Appeared in
Type Fire/Dragon
National Dex Number B135
Zerstoren is a Fire/Dragon-type Pokemon, and is the mascot of Pokemon Mecha Version. It is the Obliteration Pokemon.


Zerstoren's main body resembles a large Ceratosaurus, and it has a very long neck with spikes on it. Its head is shaped similar to Reshiram's, only with enlarged Ceratosaurus' horns. It is bipedal, having two legs that highly resembles Ceratosaurus' legs, and has four claws on each foot. Its tail is covered in spikes, and ends with one large spike. It has red irises with black pupils.





PokeDex EntryEdit

Pokemon Bio VersionEdit

Zerstoren is said to be created when Leben created Biotri, as a means to balance it out. Zerstoren can destroy entire regions with a thought, rivaling Leben's power.

Pokemon Mecha VersionEdit

Created by Arceus as a means to counter Leben, it rivals Leben's power, having the ability to destroy an entire region with a mere thought.

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