To Be a Master: Indigo League 
Genre: Adventure 
Creator: PrimalFan 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 52 
First run: Made for Defeat 
Preceded by: n/a 
Followed by: tba

To Be a Master: Indigo League is a series by PrimalFan, and is the first installment in the To Be a Master franchise. The series explores Emerald's journey through the Kanto region.

11 year old Emerald sets off on his journey as a Pokémon Trainer, setting his eyes on the Indigo League in the Kanto region. He meets new friends and encounters new Pokémon, aiding him on his journey to complete his goals of becoming a Pokémon master. Along the way, he encounters a gang called Team Rocket, profiting off of the exploitation of Pokémon, and seeks to stop them.


Season 1Edit

This season contains 13 episodes.

# Title Synopsis Airdate
01 Made for Defeat Emerald Corazón arrives in Vermilion City and challenges the gym leader, Lt. Surge. 02/27/20
02 Made for Victory Emerald has to search for missing Pokémon from the Pokémon Institute. 02/27/20
03 Perfect Love Emerald and Leaf care for an abandoned Pokémon. 03/02/20
04 Wanted! Team Rocket activity rises within Vermilion City, with Emerald and Leaf investigating. 03/06/20
05 Surge of Power Emerald battles Lt. Surge once again. 03/08/20
06 Fight for Honor Emerald and Leaf arrive in Saffron City, where they encounter Gary and meet Khoury. 03/15/20
07 Time Heals The group arrives in Lavender Town, meeting Mr. Fuji, a caretaker of the abandoned and orphaned Pokémon of the town. 03/17/20
08 Blaze of Honor Emerald faces the Fishing Guru, finding his honor at stake. 03/17/20
09 Winner Takes All Emerald encounters Gary, competing against him in Miracle Cycle's Bicycle Race. 03/19/20
10 Sport of the Hunt The group participates within the Safari Game in the Safari Zone. 03/20/20
11 Finding the Ninja Way Emerald faces Koga, the Fuchsia City's Gym Leader. 03/26/20
12 Seeds of Greatness Emerald struggles with his responsibilities as he faces Erika, Celadon City's Gym Leader. 03/27/20
13 Corner Royale The group finds shady Team Rocket activity within Celadon City. 03/27/20

Season 2Edit

This season contains 15 episodes, including 1 crossover episode.

# Title Synopsis Airdate
14 Blind Fury The group has a run-in with a Mankey causing trouble. 4/21/20
15 Building Character The group participates in the P1 Grand Prix, however so does both Gary and Damian. 05/19/20
16 Storming Silph Co. Team Rocket activity arises in Silph Co., alerting the group. 05/24/20
17 Brain Drain Emerald faces Sabrina, Saffron City's Gym Leader. 05/24/20
18 Spark of Mayhem Emerald encounters a shady trainer, who disregards what's right for what's fun, and befriends him. 04/02/20
19 Make a Move! The group goes through Lavender Town again, meeting Agatha who helps Emerald train his Meowth, Ort. 05/22/20
20 Between a Rock Tunnel and Hard Place Khoury tries to train his Cubone. TBA
21 Nugget of Truth The group participates in the Nugget Bridge Tournament. TBA
22 Khoury's Egg-cellent Adventure Khoury decides to check out the Route 5 Pokémon Day Care. TBA
23 The Pokémon Maniac! The group meets Bill, the Pokémon Maniac, and learn more about evolutionary stones. TBA
24 Troubled Waters The group participates in a water competition on Cerulean Cape. TBA
25 Shellshocked! Wartortle struggles with its fighting style, and has to adapt. TBA
26 The Beast Within The Beast of Cerulean City becomes active. TBA
27 Fight for Ascension Emerald and Gary have a heart-to-heart through battling. TBA


Title Synopsis Airdate
Nomadic Independence Gary knew Koga was apart of Team Rocket. What happened when Gary took a stop for a badge in Fuchsia City? Set a few days after Winner Takes All in season 1. TBD


Title Synopsis Airdate
Crisis Across the Multiverse A site-wide crossover, set after Perfect Love. 02/19/20 - 03/09/20
Spark of Mayhem Emerald encounters a shady trainer, who disregards what's right for what's fun, and befriends him. Set after Brain Drain. A crossover with Pokémon Tales: Champion. 04/02/20



Main CharactersEdit

Secondary CharactersEdit



Team RocketEdit

  • Team Rocket Elite Trio
    • Ken
    • Harry
    • TBA
  • TBA

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  • The series uses Gen VII movesets and move tutors based on the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. TMs are based on the Let's Go games in most cases.
    • These were the most recent generation with all Pokémon available, to keep consistency with later series.
    • Despite being set in the Kanto region, the series does not use the Let's Go games' movesets. This is due to the lack of modern moves and move tutors, which the author wants to include.
  • The main inspirations of the series are the games, the Adventures manga, and the anime.
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