To Be The Best is an upcoming series by Dakota. It is said to be his final project on this wiki and an improvement of any project he's done before.

To Be The Best 
Genre: Adventure 
Creator: Dakota 
Number of seasons: 2 (Confirmed) 
First run: I Choose You! 
First aired: 3/10/19 
Last aired: TBA 
Preceded by: None 
Followed by: None

Summary Edit

Declan Perez is an aspiring Pokemon Master! Follow his journey as he travels around the world, beginning in his home region, Kanto!

Segments Edit

  1. To Be The Best: Kanto

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Secondary Edit

Villains Edit

Major Edit

  • Markus

Minor Edit

  • Murray

Trivia Edit

  • This will be the creator's last piece on this wikia.
  • 9 seasons are currently in production, including a five episode mini-season. However, production is prepared to stop after season one if necessary.
  • Many elements from the games and anime will be incorporated. However, in order to speed up production, many anime exclusive locations and plot points have been written out.
  • The creator has confirmed that villainous teams will hold much less impact over the story than in canon material, and may not even show up in some regions at all.
  • As of 7/27/19, the series was renewed for Season 2. It was also revealed that the series would be divided into segments, usually named after the regional setting, that would contain seasons within them. So far, Kanto is the only segment.
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