The New Adventures Of Pokemon Trainer Red is a series based on Pokemon video game series.

The New Adventures Of Pokemon Trainer Red


23rd December, 2013



Produced By

TV Asahi

Created By


Inspired By

Satoshi Tajiri

Characters Edit

Red Edit

The main protagonist of the series. He is the champion of Indigo League, Orange League, Johto League, Hoenn League, Sinnoh League, Unova League and Kalos League. He has not bring his every pokemon anywhere he go. He only brings Pika, Char, Poli along with some other pokemon.

Pika Edit

Red,s first pokemon whom he save in a river.

Char Edit

Red,s starter pokemon.

Bulby Edit

A pokemon whom Red got from Erika.

Squirt Edit

A pokemon whom Red captured in Pewter Museum.

Snor Edit

A Snorlax whom Red stopped from rampaging the Fuchsia City.

Jiggly Edit

A Jigglypuff captured in Viridian City.

Meow Edit

It was captured in Red Caught Pokemon & Charlie Caught Cold.

Duck Edit

It was captured on Pokemon Mansion.

Poli Edit

It was captured on Route 1. When Red was battling Team Rocket, Poli saved him and decides to go with him.

Quil Edit

A Typhlosion presented by Prof. Elm.

Toto Edit

A Croconaw found in Violet City.

Chiko Edit

A Meganium who actually was stolen by Jessie & James as Red saved it.

Tor Edit

A Blaziken whom Red used to save Prof. Birch as it started liking him and decides to go on a journey with him.

Mud Edit

A Marshtomp who was a gift from Pokemon Association for saving them from Team Rocket.

Tree Edit

A Sceptile who was captured at Petal burg City.

Chimmy Edit

An Infernape who was saved by Red at the Sinnoh region.

Pip Edit

An Empoleon who was given by Prof. Rowan as a reward for helping him.

Turt Edit

A Torterra who was captured while training with Chimmy.

Bun Edit

A Bunneary who is in love with Pika, so decides to travel with Red while getting closer to him.

Ser Edit

A Serperior who was actually found near Prof. Juniper,s lab.

Wott Edit

A Samurott gifted by Prof. Juniper for helping her.

Pig Edit

An Emboar captured while training with Don George.

Pin Edit

A Chestnaught given by Clemont.

Froak Edit

A Greninja given by Prof. Sycamore for helping him.

Fenne Edit

A Delphox captured while training with Serena.

Vee Edit

A special Eevee which was actually Bill,s as Team Rocket stoles it and puts a machine that can let it evolve into what it want to like Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Sylveon, etc.

Blue Edit

Red,s childhood friend and rival.

Blasty Edit

Blue,s starter pokemon.

Charlie Edit

A knowledgeable boy from Pallet Town who decides to come with Red to have a great adventure.

Wrath Edit

A Poliwrath of Charlie.

Yellow Edit

Red,s childhood friend and later girlfriend whom Red has a crush.

Chuchu Edit

A Pikachu which is the starter of Yellow.

Green Edit

A girl who is Red,s childhood friend and the most silent one of the four.

Saur Edit

Green,s starter pokemon.

Jessie Edit

A Team Rocket member.

Wobbuffet Edit

A Wobbuffet belonging to Jessie as her main pokemon.

James Edit

Another Team Rocket member.

Mime Jr. Edit

James,s most loyal pokemon.

The Talking Meowth Edit

The talking Meowth of Team Rocket.

Ash Edit

One of Red,s rivals

Pikachu Edit

Ash,s starter pokemon.

Charizard Edit

A loyal pokemon of Ash.

Bayleef Edit

A pokemon of Ash which is the most trying pokemon of him.

Greninja Edit

Ash,s one of the most strong pokemon.

Bulbasaur Edit

Ash,s the one and only pokemon that is most careful about others and can handle hard situations.

Ambipom Edit

Ash,s pokemon which was traded to Dawn as it left them later and returned again as she likes to travel with Ash.

Mr. Filmy Edit

The film maker who records every adventure of Red & Charlie and made them films.

Professor Oak Edit

The pokemon professor and researcher of Kanto region.

Mom Edit

Red,s mother who cares for him (or not).