Body Type Sciurine
Abilities Static, Lightningrod (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Electric Shock Showdown
First Known Owner Lt. Surge
First Game Appeared in
Type Electric
National Dex Number 026

Raichu is the Mouse Pokemon. It is the evolution of Pikachu, and the final evolutionary form of Pichu. It evolves from Pikachu using a Thunder stone. 


Raichu, unlike Pikachu, stands on two feet.  It is a dark orange, and hits feet are brown. However, the bottom of its feet are tan. The end of its paws are also completely brown. It has a tail, that is much longer than Pichu's or Pikachu's and is brown with a yellow tip. Its ears are a topsy-turvy shape, that are brown on the outside and yellow in the inside. It has yellow circles on its cheeks.

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  • ThunderShock
  • Tail Whip
  • Quick Attack
  • Thunderbolt