This is the 1st series that DragonTamer51 has made. Pokemon Adventures: Kanto is the 1st out of the Pokemon Adventures Series. Pokemon Adventures: Kanto marks the journey of Ash Ketchum as he embarks on his first pokemon journey through Kanto. As Ash Ketchum tries his luck at getting into the league, see him grow and develop to become the best trainer that he can be. On this journey, he makes friends for life and strived to achieve his dream.

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Ash Ketchum: A 10 year boy from Pallet Town. He journeys around Kanto with his Pikachu. He is an aspiring pokemon trainer. He is aiming to become to earn the 8 Kanto badges and compete in the Indigo League. His goal: To become a Pokemon Master!

Misty Waterflower: An 11 year old girl from Cerulean City. She joins Ash on his journey. She left Cerulean City to prove herself with her sisters. Her goal: To become the greatest Water Pokemon trainer.

Brock Stone: A 12 year old boy from Pewter City. He was the former Pewter City gym leader, forced to accept the position due to needing a house to house his siblings. When his father comes homes, Brock is allowed to go on a journey. His goal: To become the best breeder ever.

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Gary Oak: A 10 year old boy, who is the grandson of Professor Oak. Due to his skills, brains and heritage, Gary is extremely cocky and arrogant. Gary Oak is part of the Pallet Four Trainers. Ash's main rival in Kanto and his childhood rival. Despite, Ash winning the first time, the battles only get harder.

Leaf Green: A 10 year old girl, who was Ash's best friend when they lived in Pallet Town, and a friendly rival. She is part of the Pallet Four Trainers.

Damian: A 10 year old boy, and a member of the Pallet Four Trainers. Damian focuses on power when battling, and has terrible morals. When things don't go his way, he gets angry. He is the former trainer of Ash's Charmander.

A.J.: A 12 year old boy, and an extremely strong pokemon trainer. A.J. has trained in his gym for a year. His goal: become a Ground type gym leader.



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