Pokémon Tales: Plasma 
Genre: Adventure 
Creator: Dioga beta 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 58 
First run: Vs. Emboar 
Preceded by: Pokémon Tales: N 
Followed by: Pokémon Tales: Max
Pokémon Tales: Champion
Pokémon Tales: Plasma is the sequel series to Pokémon Tales: N and the eighth main series in the Pokémon Tales franchise. The series aired 12/8/2019. Episodes will air on Saturdays and Sundays.

Summary Edit

Ian's journey through Unova continues, as he has only conquered half of the region! His journey starts off with the Vertress Conference, where he battles against his rivals for a chance to win the league.

Following the Vertress Conference Ian and his friends will travel the remainder of the region, catching new Pokémon, meeting old rivals and continuing the fight against the remains of Team Plasma.

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Rival Characters Edit

Ian's Rivals Edit

Cilan's Rivals Edit

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Rui's Rivals Edit

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Villains Edit

  • Team Plasma
    • Seven Sages
      • Ghetsis
      • Giallo
      • Ryoku
      • Rood
      • Zinzolin
      • Gorm
      • Bronius
    • Shadow Triad
    • Colress

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Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other series, this series was announced upon the end of the previous series and debuted the next day.
  • This series is inspired by the post game of Black and White, the main plot of Black 2 and White 2, and the anime episodes focusing on these parts of the region.
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