Pokémon Tales: Dawn is the sequel series to Pokémon Tales: Battle Frontier and the fifth series in the Pokémon Tales franchise. It will air May 16, 2017.

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After defeating the Battle Frontier, Ian continues his journey to become Pokémon League Champion in the Sinnoh region. He meets new trainers and rivals, as well as meeting up with old friends. One of his new companions is a girl named Dawn, who is interested in competing in contests. However, he has a difficult time adjusting to her attitude and personality.

Ian's character is explored, specifically on his personality and views on Pokémon. It also highlights on how he has changed from the first series of the franchise to now.

Ian becomes involved in the activities of Team Galactic, who begin to initiate their plans.

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Secondary Characters Edit

  • Reggie
  • Gym leaders
  • Marian
  • Mr. Contesta
  • Mr. Sukizo
  • Cynthia

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  • Kodai Network
    • Grings Kodai
    • Goone
    • Kidd Summers

Trivia Edit

  • Starting with this series, Pokémon will have their movepools from the Gen VII games. The TM moves available will also be from Gen VII.
    • However, Pokémon will still be able to learn Move Tutor moves available from Gen VI.
    • This is no longer an issue as of the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which restored Move tutor moves.
  • There will be more episodes featuring leisurely stops as opposed to previous series.