Pokémon Tales is a group of series created by Dioga beta. It follows the character Ian throughout his journey as a Pokémon trainer.


Ian starts his travels in the Kanto region. Over time, he will go to the other regions of the show, and some only in the games. He has currently traveled to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Kanto again for the Battle Frontier. As he travels, he will make new friends and catch new Pokémon, as he is pitted against the evil organizations of the region.


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  • Team Snagem
  • Cipher
  • Team Plasma

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  • Many episodes and plot lines are based off the anime counterparts, though there are many based off the games and Pokémon Adventures Manga.
  • The episodes that have the title "Vs. ..." were created with the main plot line, with only a few notable exceptions. Episodes with varying titles were created after the main plot, mostly specials, crossovers and spin-off episodes.
  • This series has the passage of time, where time passes as each series progresses.