Pokémon Chronicles: Indigo League is a series by PrimalFan, and is the first installment in the Pokémon Chronicles franchise. The series revolves around Kyle's adventures in the Kanto region.

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For those reading this, welcome, I hope you enjoy the series.

Pokémon Chronicles: Indigo League is a series based on the Pokémon franchise, influenced mainly by the games, the various manga (notably the Adventures manga, while also referencing other manga such as the Electric Tales of Pikachu, Pocket Monsters, and more), and the anime. It also sets on creating a fairly unique storyline, taking the basic storylines from the games, adapting elements from other media such as the anime and video games, and adding twists to keep it original. Unlike the original Pokémon Chronicles: Kanto, episodes aren't directly based on anime or manga chapters, and instead, have original plotlines.

It is a love letter to the Pokémon franchise and aims at being a worthy fanfiction series that fans can enjoy. It is mainly influenced by the original Indigo League anime, which gave depth to the world originally seen on an 8-bit screen by adding and expanding locations, including new lore, and more. It is also influenced by other franchises, such as the Teen Titans animated series which had tone shifts such as lighthearted episodes one day to a dark and nightmare fueled episode the next, and Avatar: The Last Airbender with a cohesive and streamlined storyline with multiple themes and character arcs.

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11-year-old Kyle has begun his journey as a Pokémon Trainer in the Kanto region, setting his eyes on the Indigo League. In order to accomplish his goals of becoming a Pokémon Champion, he must first defeat eight gym leaders, which is easier said than done for a rookie. His friend Stephanie will help him out through the course of his adventure, guiding him while he slowly gains independence. Unfortunately, the villainous criminal organization, Team Rocket, is terrorizing the Kanto region with mysterious goals and plans.


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  • It is the only series in the Pokémon Chronicles franchise not directly named after a game.
  • The series uses the Gen VII movesets, with move tutors being based on the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon move tutors.