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Paper Computer Games (PCGs) are a franchise of games on paper. The series has often included elements from Pokémon, and most recently has produced a full Pokémon game, "Pokémon Stop".

Pokémon in PCGs

  • .The game "The Adventures of Kidd Funkadelic, Jr." begins in Pallet Town, but featuring a strange brocoli person as a protagonist. He explores the town, preparing to become a Pokémon trainer, until he comes across an Ape-Ball (a staple of the PCG series) and declares "Wait, there's no ape-balls in Pokémon!" after which he wakes up from the dream.
  • In the game "The Zubat Cave", the player's character must explore a cave even though his friend reminds him it's "kinda risky". Inside, he encounters a Zubat, among other obstacles.
  • A Pikachu stuffed animal appears in an untitled PCG.

Pokémon Stop


Let's Play "Pokémon Stop" - Let's Play a Paper Computer Game

Pokémon Stop is the first full PCG set in the Pokémon universe. It's set in a new region, with strange new Pokémon. Many of them are from other franchises such as Star Wars, Minecraft, Stranger Things, etc. The player must catch all 64 and beat three gyms.

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