Lyra is a minor character that appears in the Pokémon Tales franchise. She debuted in Pokémon Tales: Elise, and has appeared again in Pokémon Tales: Silver.

HeartGold SoulSilver Lyra

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Lyra is a research assistant to Professor Elm. She has a positive and persuasive personality, able to convince people to do what she wants. This stems from convincing Elise to compete in the Whirl Cup, having Professor Elm do research in the field, and having Silver travel with her and Dawn. She is also very nosy, trying to get into other people's business, such as trying to hook Dawn and Silver up.

She has since become Professor Elm's sole assistant, and complains about all the work that she has to do. She takes offense when her work ethic is insulted, such as Elm saying that they need more assistants.

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Trivia Edit

  • Lyra was 11 upon her debut. As of her most recent appearance, she is 15.
  • Lyra's personality was inspired by her anime counterpart, especially in her later appearances.
  • Lyra originally wasn't going to return. However, conversation with M3 about the possibility of her return made me consider using her.