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Body Type Dragon
Abilities Auto-Restore
Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner None
First Game Appeared in
Type Dragon/Grass
National Dex Number B134
Leben is a Dragon/Grass-type Pokemon, and does not evolve. It is the main legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Bio Version. It is native to the Biotri Region. It is the counterpart of Zerstoren. It is the Rejuvenation Pokemon.


Leben has a body-shape similar to that of Zekrom. Leben has four wings, all of them white, and look like Giratina's. It has two legs, each a dark gray. Its feet are the same as Zekrom's, only dark gray. It has two arms, both looking like Darkrai's, only a light gray, and much larger. It has a tail that looks like a longer version of Mewtwo's, which is solid black. Its head looks like Lugia's, only the part right above its eyes are black. Its eyes are black with blue pupils. The head itself is white.




Lvl.0- Dragon Pulse, Screech

Lvl.7- Razor Leaf

Lvl.13- Dragon Rage

Lvl.15- Leech Seed

Lvl.18- Magical Leaf

Lvl.21- Dragon Claw

Lvl.28- Draco Punch

Lvl.33- Solarbeam

Lvl.38- Zen Headbutt

Lvl.40- Aeroblast

Lvl.50- Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare

Lvl.60- Shadow Force

Lvl.70- Dark Void

Lvl.80- Psystrike, Bolt Strike, Blue Flare

Lvl.90- Aromageddon

Lvl.100- Dracogeddon

PokeDex EntryEdit

Pokemon Bio VersionEdit

Leben used to be Arceus's assistant, but surpassed his power and created his own region, Biotri. He is the rival of Zerstoren.

Pokemon Mecha VersionEdit

Leben is the most powerful Dragon known, able to create entire regions with a thought. It is the rival of Zerstoren.


Leben was created by Arceus as an assistant to help create life. Leben created the Biotri region, and all the Pokemon who inhabit it. Leben also created the many islands surrounding it, and then went on to help Arceus further with the other regions. A side-effect of the creation, however, was Leben becoming its own Pokemon, and so it abandoned Arceus to look after only Biotri.


  • Leben is German for life.
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