Episode Appearances (?)
First appears in Vs. Sandshrew
Character Info
Gender Male
Age 11 [1]

12 [2] 13 [3] 14 [4] 15 [5] 16 [6] 17 [7] (current age)

Hometown Outskirt Stand
Region Orre
Occupation Trainer
Class Champion
Affiliation Unova League
Rivals Gary Oak
countless others
Relatives Nike (father)

Delia (mother, deceased) Rui (half-sister)

Ian is the main character of the Pokémon Tales story. 


Ian sports a long blue coat that covers his body. He has sandy blond hair, and sports goggles on his head. His face is generally in a serious pose, only smiling slightly when things go his way.

Underneath his jacket, he typically wears a white sleeveless shirt. He has a very toned physique, with several characters commenting on his muscles.

In his debut, he was 11 years old. As the franchise has progressed, he has aged. In the current series, he is 17 years old.

After an incident in Unova, Ian suffers from full thickness burns on his head and hands, thus leaving them scarred and him bald. He wears compression gloves on his hands, and sports a black and white ball cap with cotton buffers that resembles hair. He used to wear a compression sleeve on his head.

Character Edit


  • He is based off Wes from Pokémon Colosseum, in personality and appearance.
    • He doesn't have a Snag Machine however.
    • He obtains a Snag Machine later on.
  • His personality is also based off Ryoma Echizen, the main character from The Prince of Tennis.
  • Ian was highly inspired by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from the CBS show NCIS.
    • Both characters are quiet, give people stern looks, and operates from the shadows to help his comrades become better people and get past difficulties.
  • It's revealed that he doesn't know how to swim.
    • This is due to his home region being a desert.
    • By Vs. Mudkip, he learns how to swim.
  • As of the current time in the Pokémon Tales series, Ian has owns at least one Pokémon from every type.
  • It is hinted that he has problems with his father.
    • It is also implied that he ran away from home following his 10th birthday.
    • For all the details of Ian's past history, read the episodes Vs. Ian's Past 1 and Vs. Ian's Past 2.
  • Ian was familiar with his aura abilities before they were introduced. He wasn't thrilled for them to be revealed.
  • The size of Ian's jacket on him has been the primary show of time passing of the franchise, with the mention of it getting tighter on him appearing each series.
    • With him getting a new jacket, that has been reset.

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