Biotri is a region made by Estew, and is made of one massive piece of land, and several other smaller pieces of land, with the Pokemon League situated on a slightly larger island.

Naming and DesignEdit

Biotri Region
Biotri's name was derived from "Bio" meaning life. The design was really nothing more than something I came up with, thinking a landmass with several islands around it would be a good look.  


Biotri was created by the Bio Legendary, Leben, who gave life to the barren wasteland, and created all the Pokemon who live there. This supposedly happened only approximately five thousand years ago. Arceus created Leben, in order to spread life quicker and easier.


Windfall Town- The starting town, where many trainers begin their journeys. The smallest of all the islands.

Garlon City- On another island, somehow able to prosper while being on a small island.

Baske Town- A large town, on the verge of becoming a city, on the mainland . First Gym: Normal

Sandbar Town- A town on a small, sandy island. Second Gym: Flying

Morkai Town- One of two towns on a sandy island.

Coastlo Town- One of two towns on a sandy island. Third Gym: Water

Viocrete City- A thriving city, located on a grassy island. Fourth Gym: Bug

Folio City- A city in the mainland, only accessable by travelling through or around Kifi Volcano. Fifth Gym: Fire

Seabreeze Town- A small, coastal town. Has lots of vitamins, and a Pokeball Factory.

Thundertower City- A city that is constantly covered in severe storms. Sixth Gym: Electric

Flyby Town- A little town that supposedly is home to a rare item.

Zerak City- A city built right outside the North part of a cave, this city prospers in berries. Seventh Gym: Dark

Lebenia City- A city built to honor Leben. Has many dragon Pokemon living in its famous cave 'Mouth of the Dragon'. Eighth Gym: Dragon.

Hype City- This city is home to the Titanium Tournament, also known as the Biotri League.


Route 1: A small, beginning route with a few Pokemon. Home to: Kayrat, Moehawklett.

Route 2: A route coming right after an intersection in Route 1. Home to: Kayrat, Moehawklett, Tadwalker

Route 3: The other route coming from the intersection in Route 1. Home to: Kayrat, Moehawklett,

Gym LeadersEdit

Name Town Pokemon, First Battle Rewards
Virios Baske Town

Lvl. 12 Kayrat

Lvl. 14 Sentret

Regular Badge- Grants the use of Cut.


TM 78 (Bulldoze)

Aero Sandbar Town

Lvl. 16 Moehawklett

Lvl. 20 Moehawker

Aerial Badge- Grants the use of Infernus.


TM 62 (Acrobatics)

Trunke Coastlo Town

Lvl. 26 Qwilfish

Lvl. 30 Porcufish

Lvl. 32 Floatzel

Aquas Badge- Grants the use of Surf.


TM 55 (Scald)

Jake Viocrete City

Lvl. 38 Herbslug

Lvl. 40 Ariados

Lvl. 41 Pinsir

Vesp Badge- Grants the use of Fly.


TM 81 (X-Scissor)

Zane Folio City

Lvl. 45 Torkoal

Lvl. 46 Magmacannon

Lvl. 48 Volcatorch

Spew Badge- Grants the use of Strength.


TM 50 (Overheat)

Circe Thundertower City

Lvl. 52 Dividen

Lvl. 52 Multis

Lvl. 54 Telelamp

Megawatt Badge- Grants the use of Dive.


TM 24 (Thunderbolt)

Shadow Zerak City

Lvl. 58 Ambifist

Lvl. 58 Weavile

Lvl. 60 Shiftry

Shadow Badge- Grants the use of Rock Climb.


TM 66 (Payback)

Blake Lebenia City

Lvl. 62 Dracoro

Lvl. 64 Yanomega

Lvl. 70 Dracona

Draco Badge- Grants the use of Waterfall


TM 02 (Dragon Claw)

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