Toepick is a Zoroark owned by Ben. It is his twenty third revealed Pokémon.

'Ben's Toepick
Bag Dusk Ball Sprite
Ben's Toepick
Debuts in Scared Stiff
Caught at Route 20 (Kalos)
Gender Unknown
Ability Illusion [1]
Current location At Professor Sycamore's Lab
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Zoroark

Pokémon Tales: Ben 10 Edit

In Scared Stiff, Zoroark used its Illusion abilities to conceal its territory in Route 20 of Kalos. When Ben stumbled into it, it attacked from the shadows. It scared Ben's Chromastone so it wouldn't shine a light, and used its Illusion ability to take the form of a Trevenant. Ben switched to Fasttrack, which used Foresight to break the Illusion. Zoroark and Fasttrack battle briefly before Fasttrack wins, allowing Ben to capture Toepick in a Dusk Ball. He named it Toepick.

In The Greatest Challenge, Toepick is used in the battle against Corey. It came out of its Pokéball using Illusion to disguise itself as Ben's Crashhopper against Corey's Ishiyama, to deter it from using Fighting moves. It landed a few strikes, before Corey figured out Crashhopper disturbed the water and that the Pokéballs were different. Toepick is hit and revealed. Ben used U-Turn to recall it.

Ben chose Toepick later, no longer disguised. It used its Scary Face to scare and trick Icarus, causing it to crash into a rock. It then uses Night Daze to defeat it. Toepick is then instantly defeated by Bulldozer.

Known Moves Edit

Move First Used In
Scary Face Scared Stiff
Night Slash Scared Stiff
U-Turn The Greatest Challenge
Night Daze The Greatest Challenge
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Trivia Edit

  • It is named after the Ben 10 alien Toepick. This is due to Zoroark being able to create terrifying images with its Illusion and Scary Face attack.

References Edit

  1. Confirmed in Scared Stiff
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