Body Type Lepidopterous
Abilities Swarm, Sniper (Hidden), Adaptability (Mega Beedrill)
Episode First Shown in Ash Catches A Pokemon
First Known Owner AJ
First Game Appeared in
Type Bug/Poison
National Dex Number 015

Beedrill is the Poison Bee Pokemon. It evolves from Kakuna starting at level 10, and is the final form of Weedle.


Normal BeedrillEdit

Beedrill has a humanoid version of a bee for a body with red eyes and no pupils. Instead of having hands, it has drills. It has a pair of giant wings. This Pokemon, though resembling a small bee, is actually very big. Its arms, legs, and feet are purplish gray. It also has a pair of purple antennae. It has an abdomen that is black striped with a stinger on the end.

Mega BedrillEdit

Upon Mega Evolving, Beedrill's eyes have grown much larger, now slightly circling around its head. Its abdomen is much longer and sharper, and now has several ridges and a black line seperating from its stinger, which has now grown much larger in size and is now cream-colored. Its antennae are now darker and shaped differently, with its arms now being shaped like a lance and its legs now formed into a second pair of arms, with a smaller lance-shape with black and yellow stripes on the top half. Its chest is now more circular and striped, and its wings are shaped differently. 

Fanon AppearancesEdit

Adventures In KantoEdit

Zach's Kanto JourneyEdit

Wandering CaterpieEdit

  • A minor Beedrill by the name of Jorge appeared in Wakin' Up. He helped Greg and Robert pass the Beedrill's Tree to get to the Hoothoot.
  • In Berry Trouble, two Beedrill appeared as police.

The Super Surprising Adventures of SteveEdit

Pokémon TalesEdit

Danny's Journey Edit

  • Danny's Kakuna evolved into Beedrill in 'Gaining new Experiences'.

The Legend of Spinarak-Man Edit


  • Fury Attack
  • Focus Energy
  • Twinneedle
  • Rage
  • Pursuit
  • Toxic Spikes
  • Pin Missile
  • Agility
  • Assurance
  • Poison Jab
  • Endeavor