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A Random Pokemon Show is a reboot of the series with the same name. It is created by the original series' creators Steve and Dakota. The series premiered on March 22nd as part of the wiki's seven year anniversary. Season one wrapped up on May 22nd. The second season will premiere next month.


Dakota, Steve, Mallow, Lana, and Lillie are all living together. When their adventures take them around the world, what chaos can ensue? Powerful people, powerful pokemon, and powerful enemies. What's the worst that could happen?






Each season will consist of 20 episodes unless stated otherwise. Right now, only one season has been released.

Season One: Renegade Edit

# Title Overview Airdate
1 The Great Migration Dakota and Steve prepare to move from their homes into their new property. However, something sinister in Vermillion may postpone their plans 03/22/20
2 Great Expectations Dakota is invited to a gala celebrating the grand opening of the Sakuragi Institute. Meanwhile, Steve attempts to crash the party. 03/23/20
3 Don't Throw it Away The Jonas Brothers show up to perform in Kanto as Team Rocket plans to ruin the fun. 03/24/20
4 All In Ruins Steve is tipped off about possible disturbances in the Ruins of Alph. Dakota faces a challenger. 03/25/20
5 I Am Inevitable Dakota reflects on his near loss to a rookie challenger. Meanwhile, a careless mistake in time leads an ancient warlord to… Steve? 03/26/20
6 Thicker Than Water Hearing of the Whirl Cup in Johto, Lana drags along Lillie and Mallow to participate. 04/06/20
7 The Boy I'm Looking For While running an errand in Lavender Town, Dakota finds a promising aura user. However, training him seems difficult. 4/09/20
8 Different Kind of Island After Hoenn’s Safari Zone has a breach, they call in Dakota to help out. To his surprise, Mallow decides to tag along. 4/22/20
9 Brotherly Bonds Lillie’s brother decides to visit at the base, much to Lillie’s dismay. This dismay is furthered by Gladion and Steve’s close-knit relationship. 4/24/20
10 Mission Impossibruh After Joe kidnaps Steve, it's up to the gang to try and save him... before it's too late! 4/26/20
11 Crossroads Dakota's old mentor pays him a visit. 4/28/20
12 It Came From Above Mossdeep City is under attack from Deoxys- but there’s something amiss about it. 5/1/20
13 Likeness Unknown A powerful group known as Team Renegade makes themselves known- with a surprising face as their leader. 5/1/20
14 Silver Springs In the face of recovering from Dakota’s betrayal, Steve turns to an ancient god for help. 5/5/20
15 Homecoming Professor Oak orchestrates a team to help take down Team Renegade with the help of a few willing gods. 5/7/20
16 Into the Pokeverse Steve and Mallow, with the help of Celebi reunite with Meltan. 5/18/20
17 Big, Humongous and Small The gang and Team Renegade fight over the last Dynamax energy. 5/19/20
18 Countdown The group reminisces on their time spent with Dakota. 5/20/20
19 When the Honchkrow Calls Dakota prepares for his sacrifice in order to summon Giratina. 5/21/20
20 Endgame The final battle against Team Renegade begins. Season finale. 5/22/20

Season TwoEdit

# Title Overview Airdate
21 Recoveries
22 A Step in the Right Direction
23 Arena Trap
24 Here We Go Again
25 Battle Therapy


# Title Overview Airdate
1 The Delta Event Steve and Dakota reunite in Hoenn to stop Joe from using Rayquaza to destroy the region. Based on the Delta Episode from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. 03/13/20
2 APRil Fools Steve pulls pranks on the gang. It doesn't go well. 04/03/20
3 Fein of a Bella Notte While Ian and Dakota are called upon Anne Droid to repay their debt, Steve helps his new friend Fein in his pursuit of love. Crossover with Pokémon Tales: Champion. 04/23/20
4 Champion's Ballad Ian hosts a tournament of regional champions in his newly completed World Tournament stadium. Crossover with PT:C. 6/11/20
5 Egg Relapse When Rosa has a relapse on her egg addiction, Wyatt recruits Steve and Iris to help before she hurts herself or her Pokémon. Crossover with PT:C. 6/22/20
6 Death Note: Part One Light Yagami obtains tbe Death Note. The gang teams up with a mysterious detective named L.

Fan ListEdit

You know what to do.


  • The series will be more serious but still comedy focus than the original. 
  • The idea for the reboot come after Steve suggested while thinking of The Delta Event.
  • This series runs concurrently with Pokémon Tales: Champion, and will feature many allusions, crossovers, and run-ins with concepts from it.
  • The series features the gang traveling to different regions similar to the latest Pokemon series.
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